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IT Solutions

Technology solutions that guarantee optimum performance of your infrastructure.

Application Development

Software solutions for developing applications and portals​​.

Layer 8

Specialized and innovative solutions for application performance, security, and big data.

Managed Services

Support services and outsourcing of infrastructures and applications.


Solutions that guarantee the correct utilization of the delicate information and the prevention of accesses no authorised​.​​​​​​



Migration to Office 365

Cost saving, maximum availability and flexibility, and total collaboration with Office 365 solution.
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Publications Committee approval workflow

Have a process that allows managing the approval flow of documents with content subject to Almirall’s Intellectual Property. See more

Information Systems Security Office Services

Definition of the Information Security Office functions.
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Implementation of a multimedia portal

How to improve the attractiveness and customer conversion with Web tools?
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Review and preparation of security procedures

Review and formalization of the IT protocol and security procedures.
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Improved communications, security, and monitoring services

Minimize communications cost on a network over 100 establishments was a key point to IT investment. See more

A system for detecting the deterioration of service in the office network

Monitoring end-user service in real time. See more

Development of a chamber of commerce management system

Increased income through the implementation of a management application adapt to their needs. See more

Business Workflow Automation

Implement business workflows using Nintex/Sharepoint technologies. See more

Automation of processes related to human resource management

Implementation and training of a workflow solution that automates tasks related to the employees and groups all its information. See more

CEPSA simplifies the management of your files with GoAnywhere MFT

Simplify the management of your files with GoAnywhere MFT. See more

Outsourcing of 24/7 operation of the BarcelonaService Desk data center

24/7 monitoring, notification and operation service managed with reporting and follow up according to ITIL methodology. See more

Development services with agile methodologies

Development services in different environments and technologies. See more

Unification and on-time availability of control indicators

Mesure KPI from all companies group in a single tool and in real time.
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Custom 24/7 service

System operation 24/7 service based on customer's own platform. See more

Integrated management with System Center for updating Windows 8.1

System centralization to update their IT equipment to Windows 8.1.
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A technology infrastructure for growth

Business IT systems evolution according to new business management systems.
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Audit of infrastructure security and system performance

Security and system performance audit to evolve IT systems.
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Optimization of equipment management with Microsoft Intune

Optimization of equipment management with Microsoft Intune. See more

Creation of a technology environment and comprehensive service management

Support, administration, and system management services. See more

Computer services for operation and corrective maintenance

Define the services of operation of the information systems of the ACN, creating and maintaining the IT systems with efficiency and quality, ensuring their continuity. See more

A new public portal using SharePoint technology

Public portal implementation and optimization with maximum agility to update content.
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Standardisation of the CAPEX investments approval process throughout Europe

A single Nintex flow platform in SharePoint environment, Small Capex request event approval process, intuitive design interface for Nintex Workflows and Forms. See more

Monitoring and study of on-line banking

Monitoring on-line banking and benchmark comparative study of its entities with reference entities. See more

An intranet for the communication and work processes of all the teams

To have a new, more functional and user-oriented intranet. See more

Operation and monitoring service for IT infrastructures

Provide the necessary resources to meet the service levels that are required for its model.
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Transformation of the customer service

Implementation of an end-to-end Service Desk and Workplace solution based on ITIL best practices that responds to the needs of VGED. See more

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