Managed services

Infrastructures, security and user support

Managed services

Infrastructures, security and user support

We provide 24×7 Managed Services of Infrastructures, Security and User Support to guarantee the availability and security of your environment with personalized attention.

  • IT monitoring services
  • IT operation services
  • IT administration services
  • Managed Security Services (VSOC)
  • Helpdesk Services

Service infrustructure

NexTReT will make knowledge management tools available to the service, as well as tools that allow the objective evaluation of the status and level of service offered.

These tools are:

ITRS OP5 Monitor

Central monitoring tool, based on the Nagios engine. The Servicedesk team constantly monitors the OP5 console


A ticketing tool in which all incidents, requests or changes that occur within the framework of the service will be recorded. SLA’s are generated from this tool.


All the documentary management associated with the service will be collected, as well as the reports and minutes of meetings, facilitating the management of procedures and the management of knowledge between the different parties involved.

Team Pass

Secure management of access passwords to client systems.

IT Monitoring Services

Monitoring service to know the IT status and manage incidents that may arise, either from alerts from the monitoring tool used or service requests.

  • Monitoring: Monitor the client's infrastructure with all the defined elements. (Physical infrastructure of DCP, Virtualization infrastructure, Communications, Servers, Applications, Etc.)
  • Investment: Permanent monitoring of the network status

  • Reporting and Monitoring: Obtaining performance indicators of the teams, presentation of monthly reports on the situation, proposals for improvement, maintenance of the CMDB, etc.

IT Operation Services

The 24x7 Operation is defined as a multidisciplinary Level 2 service with technical resolution capacity in continuous 24x7 hours. It is made up of specialist engineers who work to solve incidents in the client's technological environments

Incidents will be managed 24x7, 365 days a year (on-site or remote as appropriate).

IT Administration Services

The Preventive and Evolutionary Infrastructure Support Service is configured as a multi-technology support centre as one more level of scaling up of the service so that level 2 technicians can escalate their queries, incidents or requests.

NexTReT considers that this Service is dedicated to the continuous improvement of processes and tools.

Among the activities of the Support Service we can highlight:

  • Evaluate the performance and benefits of the current system in order to achieve maximum productivity and consider future requirements.

  • Anticipate and solve problems that could affect the operation of systems and their applications.
  • Establish continuous monitoring of administration and management activities in order to maximize the performance and profitability of the systems.
  • Guarantee the availability of resources.
  • Information on news and new versions of the operating system and installed software.
  • Support in the preparation of plans and policies for updating the infrastructures (patches, vulnerabilities, ...).
  • Support in the preparation of planned interventions to minimize risks (intervention plans).
  • Accompaniment to the client in plans to improve business continuity.

Managed Security Services

spidernext is a virtual SOC, web-based cyber defense platform that allows you to centrally monitor and manage the security of your organization in real time.

+ VSOC information

Helpdesk Services

The Service Desk Service centrally manages all the support to the client's personnel in relation to their job, including the base software that the client makes available.

This level includes all the operators that provide telephone assistance, through the means enabled for this purpose, and attempt to resolve queries and incidents reported by users online. This level is established as a single point of contact (SPOC: Single Point Of Contact) for any incident, request or query about the IT environment, offering first level support.

24x7 Operation Outsourcing

NexTReT has specialized in outsourcing dedicated 24x7 operation teams for clients, so that they can focus on their business and more value-added tasks.  24x7 Operations require knowledge and control of equipment, shifts, tasks and schedules, personnel selection, for which it is necessary to have prior experience.

With this, the client manages to focus on their activity, forget about the day-to-day operations, improve the quality of the service they provide and focus on improving and reducing risks.

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