IT governance solutions

Simplify the management and monitoring of your IT service with specialized tools.

IT governance solutions

Simplify the management and monitoring of your IT service with specialized tools.

IT monitoring

NexTReT presents as a monitoring platform: OP5 Monitor.

OP5 Monitor is a software product for network monitoring, based on the open source product Nagios, promoted and developed by OP5 AB. OP5 Monitor shows the status, situation, and performance of the network and the IT that are being monitored, and has integrated a basic log of the logs in the system called: OP5 Logger (syslog). The software controls, visualizes, and solves IT problems, collecting information, both from hardware and software, whether virtual and / or in cloud services.

OP5 Monitor allows high availability monitoring (peers), and / or distributed monitoring (pollers). By combining both native technologies, we can scale the infrastructure as our requirements grow.

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More monitoring solutions

Service Management: Freshservice

Freshservice, as an incident management tool aligned with ITIL processes, offers a simple, intuitive and understandable experience in a web environment compatible with the practice of most current browsers. (Internet Explorer, Mozzilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari)

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Government Windows 10 + End Point Manager

Microsoft EndPoint Manager and its previous versions (SCCM) or lighter (Intune), help us to govern the workstation platform (currently Windows 10), allowing us to control the park at the level of installed operating systems, which versions of product, which channels, etc. It gives us a photo of the situation of installed applications and their licensing compliance.

NexTReT, as a Microsoft Gold Partner in IT governance and infrastructure related competencies, provides the necessary services to meet the governance needs of the Windows 10-based workplace. We have the knowledge and experience in the processes, tools, and technical capabilities.

Within the Administration Panel of MECM (Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager) we will find a space reserved for the management of the entire corporate environment, at the level of Devices, Applications, Users and Groups, among others, where the management of the processes of Windows 10 updates.

Omnichannel customer service with Freshdesk

Freshdesk is the easiest and most efficient way to support customers. It is a cloud solution that redefines and gives a new look to the Helpdesk environment and IT support.

Facilitate customer service thanks to the easy management of incidents, queries and advanced automations.

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