Technological solutions
for the healthcare sector

We make the job of healthcare professionals easier, and we improve the patient experience.

Technological solutions for the healthcare sector

We make the job of healthcare professionals easier, and we improve the patient experience.

All our solutions are multi-device, multi-center and adapt to the profile of each user.

Patient-professional portal

Portal that facilitates remote patient care and monitoring. It includes such interesting modules as:

  • The patient’s campus so that he can comfortably carry out his Therapeutic Plan from home, without losing contact with the professional.
  • Virtual communities with other users by theme, as a complement to treatment.
  • User service unit for online procedures.

A global and modular solution to increase the user experience, both for the patient and the professional, and to facilitate the care continuum.

Connectors with public health

Interoperability solutions for queries, publications and notifications to public health.

We integrate with the HIS or the different departmental applications and, via messaging, we connect to the public health API to notify, publish or consult information. This messaging can be both real-time and scheduled on a regular basis.

The different modules include verification screens, data entry and the database to store the messages.

Healthcare solutions

We are specialized in offering interoperability and connectivity solutions in healthcare environments, from the integration of electromedical equipment to interoperability with the different departmental systems, all under a common and standardized framework that allows the coordination and optimization of workflows.

The healthcare solutions are a set of very complete modules whose main objective is to make the work of healthcare professionals easier:

  • Healthcare viewer
  • Outpatient prescription and dispensing
  • Referrals and interconsultations between centers
  • Non-urgent medical transport
  • Integration with the different departmental applications
  • Transfusion Management
  • Clinical Audits

Contingency plan in case of fall of the HIS

There are many factors that can cause a temporary suspension of information systems; from a computer virus or a cyber attack to natural disasters, power outages or a simple system failure.

Either way, we must be prepared! A good contingency plan for information systems is one that allows us to continue operating with a minimum of effort and maximum functionality. In a crisis, what comes first is security and practicality, and that requires collaboration, also at the application level.
Discover the Sunset Technologies contingency plan: a highly functional and agile solution, totally independent of the center’s information systems.

Dashboards for the healthcare sector

In the most strategic and managerial sphere, Sunset Technologies offers solutions for information analysis and decision making.

We offer specific comprehensive dashboard solutions for healthcare management, from budget monitoring, waiting lists, quality or patient safety, to departmental dashboards such as hospital pharmacy indicators.

Our technical team is highly specialized in the sector, terminology and functional needs.

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