Shift management and attendance control

Shift management and attendance control in a health center is complex: frequent rotation of staff, complex shifts, high mobility, highly dynamic hierarchical structure, etc.

It is essential to have good shift management to coordinate all this workflow and ensure the maximum effectiveness of the professionals’ activity.

Discover in this webinar the Seasalt platform for shift management and attendance control, specific to the needs of the sector. It manages shifts and vacations and is developed together with reference hospitals.


10:00h Presentation Sunset Technologies + Seasalt
10:10h The complexity of shift management in a highly demanding environment
10:15h The Seasalt platform
10:30h The modules: shift management, schedule management, attendance control, holidays, and absences
10:45h Q&A
11:00h End of session

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    14 Jun 2022


    10:00 am - 11:00 am