Digital transformation in transfusion management

The transfusion management process, which goes from the request to the inclusion of the transfusion report in the patient’s clinical history, is a delicate process and an iterative check is necessary in each of the phases.
The digital transformation in this management provides security and traceability, eliminates risks and errors and facilitates the tasks of professionals.
In this webinar we will talk about the four phases that make up transfusion management and we will see Sunset’s solution for each of the phases and, above all, for the digitalization of the transfusion act. All the modules are integrated with the different information systems and devices that intervene in the process, from the blood bank to the different systems for taking vital signs.

10:00h Sunset Technologies Presentation
10:10h The different phases in the management of transfusions
10:20h Sunset’s solution for digital transformation in transfusion management
10:45h Q&A
11:00h End of session

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    21 Apr 2022


    10:00 am - 11:00 am