Change management en IT projects: what is it and which are its beneffits?

Improve success in the implementation of new IT projects in the organization. Get the most out of the new tools that are implemented and take advantage of all the functionalities.

Organizational leaders often do not have the necessary tools to engage teams effectively during the implementation of new tools in the company. The ADKAR Model addresses these challenges by equipping leaders with the right strategies and tools, and people with the right information, motivation, and aptitude to successfully move through organizational change.

The ADKAR Model allows leaders and teams involved in Training and Change Management to focus their activities on what will drive individual improvement and, therefore, achieve organizational results.

We are experts in change management. Do not miss our next webinar where we will talk about the keys to avoid failure in the implementation of new projects in the organization.


10:00h Presentation of NexTReT
10:05h Problems of change management
10:15h Basic concepts in Change Management
10:25h Prosci’s ADKAR model, managing the human side of change
10:35h NexTReT change adoption framework
10:45h Customer experience with M365
10:55h Q&A
11:00h End of session

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    29 Jun 2022


    10:00 am - 11:00 am