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Improve the security of your company: Layer-based protection

​In the current paradigm, it is necessary to have security based on layers and that these layers communicate in a chain and even react automatically to events.

Perimeter protection, endpoint security, infrastructure, and user access form the basis of this layered protection and the communication chain.

In our next webinar together with Open Cloud Factory, we will see how to integrate these layers and get an automated response through OpenNAC Enterprise, the added value of its integration with your company's NGFW and spidernext.


10:00h Presentation

10:05h Current and problematic situation faced by companies

10:15h OpenNAC Enterprise, a modular solution adaptable to your company

10:35h How to obtain added value from the integration of NGFW and OpenNAC Enterprise

10:45h Spidernext centralization of events and automatic response.

10:55h Q&A

11:00h End of session

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