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Work 2.0: The client at the center

​At NexTReT we want to explain the concept of a 2.0 work environment to help our clients adapt to the new paradigm and offer a response to new support and accompaniment needs.

In the next webinar we will talk about the evolution of the work environment whose main objective is to put the client in the focus of the service personalization strategy. Within this strategy, the end user is provided with services, resources and workflows that make the management of the interaction with the service provider or with the users of the company itself flexible and scalable.

Learn how to face the challenge of this new philosophy and the tools and appropriate methodology to address it.


10:00h NexTReT Presentation

10:05h Context: Evolution of the work environment (traditional, current and future model).

10:15h Workplace 2.0: Collaborative methadology and change management

10:25h Tools

10:40h Conclusions

10:45h Q&A

10:50h End of the session

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