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Get a global vision of your projects

​Having a technical office allows a global vision of the projects in progress, which allows them to be aligned with the technological strategy in the IT area.

In our next webinar we will explain what a technical office is in the field of IT projects, when it applies to having one, what advantages it applies to the organization, if it should be internal or should we outsource it, and how NexTReT can help in the constitution of an OT.


10:00h NexTReT presentation

10:05h What is a technical office in the field of IT projects

10:10h When does it apply to have a technical office?

10:20h Advantages provided to the organization

10:30h Internal or external technical office

10:40h NexTReT helps in the constitution of an OT

10:45h Practical examples

10:55h Q&A

11:00h End of session

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