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Functional contingency plan for any HIS

If crises teach us anything, it is that a contingency plan is essential.

There are many factors that can cause a temporary suspension of information systems; from a computer virus or cyberattack to natural disasters, power outages or a simple system failure.

Either way, we must be prepared! A good contingency plan for information systems is one that allows us to continue operating with a minimum of effort and a maximum of functionality. In a crisis, what comes first is security and practicality, and that requires collaboration, also at the application level.

Discover in our next webinar the Sunset solution: a highly functional and agile contingency plan that is based on interoperability and that is totally independent from the information systems of the centre.


10:00h Sunset Technologies and NexTReT Group Presentation

10:05h What is a contingency plan and why is it so important?

10:10h Contextualization: different levels of contingency plan

10:15h Sunset's solution: an agile and functional contingency plan for any HIS

10:40h Practical demonstration

10:50h Q&A

11:00h End of session

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