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Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector

​Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a reality in the health sector. The possibilities offered by this technology, both in management and in the diagnosis or prevention and treatment of diseases, are practically endless.

In our next webinar we will talk about Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector, which, with the growing number of data to be processed in the sector, has made its implementation an absolute necessity. Operational efficiency, increased analytical capabilities, and reduced expenses and costs are some of the main benefits it offers. In addition, you will also know the Sunset Technologies projects in Artificial Intelligence.



10:00h Sunset Technologies + NexTReT Presentation

10:10h Artificial Intelligence: general concepts

10:25h AI applied to the health sector: main current applications in the sector

10:40h Sunset Projects in Artificial Intelligence: predictive model for operational management and support for pre-diagnosis

10:55h Q&A

11:00h End of the session


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