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Datacenter services: Pay per use

​Discover the different services offered by the NexTReT CPD:

  • Virtual Data Center (VDC): Set of CPU, Memory and Disk resources adaptable and flexible to your datacenter infraestrcutre needs.
  • Wi-Fi as a Service: Pay per use of the Wi-Fi service solution in your offices with cloud management capabilities (simple and secure).
  • Backup as a Service: Allows you the externalization of backup copies of your company.
  • Disaster Recovery as a service: Allows you to recover your company's information in the event of a disaster.
  • Virtual desktops: Telework safely.

In addition, among all the attending companies, we will raffle two packs of 2 Wi-Fi 6 APs with free Wi-Fi Licenses for 1 year.

All attending companies will be able to try for free: Vaulting Backup with Veeam of up to 5 machines for 3 months.



10:00h NexTReT Presentation

10:05h Data Center Presentation

  • Services Catalog: Virtual datacenter, Desktop, Wi-Fi, Baas, Draas, ...

10:45h Services 24x7

10:55h Q&A

11:00h End of the session

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