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My first Disaster Recovery. What do I have to think about?

​Being able to recover the data and functionalities of your company after a disaster is increasingly necessary.

Find out in our next webinar why you should hire a Disaster Recovery and everything you must take into account when hiring it, the different applications it has, the infrastructure you need and the money you must invest. Also learn about the differences between a back up and a Disaster Recovery and discover if you can scale your current back up to a Disaster Recovery.


10:00h NexTReT Presentation

10:05h Why a Disaster Recovery?

10:15h Can I scale my current back up to DR? (DR vs Backup)

10:25h RPO/RTO (balance cost/functionality)

10:35h DRaaS vs OnPremise

10:45h Real DRaaS case

10:55h Q&A

11:00h End of the session

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