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How to centralize and manage security in your organization in an affordable way

​All organizations have security solutions or devices that detect events and incidents and that generate logs to report these events that are difficult to manage.

In many organizations, events related to security occur that go unnoticed due to lack of monitoring, time or resources, among many other reasons, which make the task of managing security difficult.

In our next webinar we will show you how to centralize and manage the security of your organization in an assumable way.



10:00h Presentation of NexTReT

10:05h The sources of security information

10:15h The IOCs (Indicators of Commitment)

10:20h Centralization and management of security events and incidents

10:30h What are SOC and VSOCs and how are they organized?

10:35h Practical case

10:55h Q&A

11:00h End of the session


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