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Global Solutions for Healthcare

​Discover the three global solutions for healthcare offered by Sunset Clinic, solutions that cover all healthcare activity, both face-to-face and non-face-to-face:

  • AssistClinic: the solution for home care, a portable medical workstation.

  • NextClinic: the telemedicine solution: it covers its three pillars: remote diagnosis, remote monitoring and remote assistance.

  • HistClinic: the hospital information system - HIS - that provides operational support to clinical and healthcare practice.

Learn more specifically about all the possibilities offered by these three solutions for healthcare in our next webinar.



10:00h Sunset Technologies + NexTReT Presentation

10:10h Presentation of SunSetClinic: general characteristics

10:20h HistClinic: a complete hospital information system, which covers from the activity record to the electronic medical record.

10:30h AssistClinic: a fully portable workstation

10:40h NextClinic: telemedicine, t​he next step in remote assistance

​10:50h Q&A

11:00h End of the session

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