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Transition to the online teaching


​In our next webinar we will show the different tools offered by Microsoft that make easier the transition to an online education. You will be able to know tools such as:

  • Teams: discover all the possibilities that Teams offers, such as connecting, communicating, and collaborating with other people.

  • OneNote: OneNote will help you both to organize your classes and to organize the faculty.

  • Whiteboard: combines the different possibilities that Whiteboard offers, from the raised hand to sharing the whiteboard.

If you want to know in more detail how these tools and some more can help you take a step towards online education, sign up to our webinar!


10:00h NexTReT presentation

10:05h The educational paradigm is changing

10:10h Celebrating agents of change in education

10:20h Planification cycle

10:25h Learning objectives

10:30h Windows 10 for education

10:50h Q&A

11:00h End of the session​


10:00h a 11:00h

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Seminario online en Teams

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