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Microsoft 365 Apps


​In our next webinar you will learn about the different applications that Microsoft offers that can be used both online and in the desktop version and that offer the ability of working and be installed on different devices. We will teach you, in a very practical format, how applications work that will help you plan, communicate, store collaborate and analyse your work.

If you want to know in more detail the applications that Microsoft 365 offers, don't miss our webinar!


12:00h NexTReT presentation

12:05h Microsoft 365 applications

12:10h Applications for planification

12:15h Applications for communication

12:20h Applications for store

12:25h Applications for collaboration

12:30h Applications for analysis

12:35h Demonstration

12:50h Q&A

13:00h End of the session


12:00h a 13:00h

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Seminario online en Teams

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