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Has teleworking come to stay?

Organizations have had to adapt overnight to the current situation. Now companies must establish teleworking more conscientiously to take advantage of its benefits and to be prepared in future cases.

Thus, NexTReT offers you a webinar so that your company can have business continuity in the face of this new situation that is uncertain and fluctuating. We will highlight the following three solutions for working remotely:

  • VDI: Access to applications from any place, time and device.
  • Collaborative work: Microsoft Teams as the operating system for the productivity, collaboration and communication of organizations.
  • Riverbed acceleration: Remote work without altering the method of access to applications.



10:00h Welcome and presentation of NexTReT

10:05h VDI

10:20h Collaborative work

10:35h Acceleration of Riverbed

10:50h Doubts and questions

11:00h End of the session


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