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Microsoft Teams: how to share documents and manage workgroups


Microsoft Teams lets you go beyond individual and group chats, calls, video calls, and live events. It is a powerful tool that not only helps us to telework, but also brings us closer to our teams so that we can continue collaborating in a thousand different ways; sharing documents and other files necessary for each project.

At NexTReT we have organized this theoretical-practical online session with the intention that you can easily know and use all the available options that will make collaborative work have a good communication base and be the most comfortable and adaptable for all teams.



16:00h Welcome and presentation of NexTReT

16:10h Group Chat, meetings, and data sharing

16:25h Hierarchical Structure of Equipment and Channels

16:45h Applications and Connectors in Teams

16:55​​​​​​h Advanced documentary features (Metadata, versioning, protection, and security)

17:10h Document approval and publication processes

17:20h Q&A

17:30h​ End of the session


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16:00 - 17:30 h.

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Seminario online en Teams

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