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Monitor the proper functioning and quality of digital services provided to customers and citizens

It consists of the management, monitoring and delivery of constant information on the services that the technology provides to Companies and Public Entities that they provide to their clients and citizens, allowing the analysis of the status of these services and ensuring that they work properly.

Application Status Monitor (ASM) is a technology developed by NexTReT capable of actively monitoring the User Experience through synthetic transactions.​

ASM is a technology capable of monitoring:

  • Web Applications
  • Client / Server Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • SaaS / Cloud applications

To support the quality of the Digital Services provided to Clients and Citizens, NexTReT offers a free trial service of Application Status Monitor, for a period of 90 days.

With ASM you will improve the quality of services because:

  • Provides Visibility of Service Quality and user experience metrics.
  • Enables Proactive improvement of the user experience by detecting errors and performance issues.
  • Ensures the availability of services by sending alerts.
  • Suitable for complex environments where Operation must validate that a complex service works correctly.
  • Reduces the fall times of services.
  • It improves the satisfaction of Clients and Citizens and their loyalty.

Make sure that your services and applications are fast and reliable for Clients and Citizens.

To receive more information, you can send an email to

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