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Freshworks: redefining support for our clients

2020 is a pivotal year for the IT Industry. Today's experience-economy is forcing IT leaders to transcend their IT services, from transactions to consumer-like experiences. Technology has been the catalyst for shifting the way we work. But have we as people evolved along with it?

EXPERIENCE IT, hosted by Freshworks, brings 30+ leading CIO's, industry leaders and technology visionaries together for an interview series full of insights and learnings.

We will be exploring the evolution of user behaviour, the significance of designing IT services that interact with humans, and the benefits of delivering world-class experiences.

On the other hand, NexTReT will hold a webinar that will explain its vision about the user experience and how to add it in any technological service.


11:00h NexTReT​

11:10h The importance of the Experience of user​​

11:30h Customer support success stories from home​

11:45h The most useful Freshworks applications for working from home​

11:55h Q&A

12:00h End of session​

  • EXPERIENCE IT | 26th of March > Sign up!
  • NexTReT | 2nd of April | 11:00 to 12:00 h > Sign up!

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