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The Digital War: the key to survive

​Is the Digital War real? Yes, it is. Nowadays, Spain is in the top ten worldwide countries that most cyberattacks receive. This situation causes many companies and institutions to be on high alert.

Most of the companies devote resources to the protection, but only a few ones ask themselves about the prevention. If you constantly work to neutralize vulnerabilities and all items that can be a direct track for cybercriminals, it could be possible to achieve a noteworthy decrease in danger.

If you want to avoid that your brand reputation and your inner security be damaged, sign up and we will explain to you the key to face the APTs (Advanced Persistent Threat) and keep your business saved in the middle of the Internet war. 


10:00h Presentation of NexTReT

10:15h Security and reputation issues

  • Origin

  • Goals

  • Types

10:30h Early detection: the key point of Cybersecurity

  • Advanced Persistent Threats or APTs

  • Commitment indicators

  • Detection fonts

10:45h Attacks to reputation

  • Prevention

  • Detection

  • Mitigation

11:00h Getting intelligence: one step ahead of the competition

  • Information needs

  • Information sources

  • Intelligence creation

11:20h Technology: spidernext

  • Detection automation: case study

  • Reaction automation

11:50h Q&A

12:00h End of the session

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