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Amazon vs. Azure. Which and for what?


Each Organizations' needs are different and them can change over time. The hatching of Cloud solutions providers and their pay per use services have eased that companies adapt quickly to these changes. Currently, with the evolution of the Cloud market, organizations have lost the fear to leap, but them have some basic doubts: Which Cloud provider I must hire? Which one adapts better himself to my needs? How I must migrate? How I must administrate it? How I must control it?

The next June 13th, at NexTReT's headquarters, we will hold a session in a round table format in where you will be able to share your restlessness and needs with some colleagues from the sector and explore which option is the most adaptable to your company, whether or not you are working with public Cloud or private Cloud. Also, we will count on with Azure or Amazon experts who will explain the different solutions of each platform, with their strengths and weaknesses, from a neutral point of view.

In this technological session we will explain you the differences between Amazon Cloud and Azure Cloud. Each one has its own particularities and depending on your company needs, it will be more convenient to use one, the another or both. ​


10:00h NexTReT's introduction

10:10h Introduction of the Azure's Cloud

10:25h Introduction of the Amazon's Cloud

10:40h Round table

12:00h End of the event


10:00 - 12:00 h.

Date & Location


NexTReT Barcelona

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