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Big Data nowadays: myths and facts


​​In 2020 will exist 40 zetabytes of data; that it's fifty times more than now. We can't do anything related to it, but we can prepare ourselves and learn how to process this data and obtain value of it. Every time there are more connected devices, more online transactions, more activity in the network and the increased necessity of understand the whole digital universe; which is very heterogeneous and has an exponential growth. We miss a lot of this exponential growth because only the 3% of the worldwide data is processed by Big Data technologies.

All of us talk about Big Data and it seems that is the solution to all the problems, without considering the industry, the quantity of data and other points. Exists a lot of misunderstanding and the misuse has provoked scepticism and in the worst cases, bad habits.

We can't deny that we are living in the Big Data age and now more than ever companies need partners like NexTReT in order to overcome the data T-Sunami. We must transform data into useful information. It is the only way to obtain a real value form it.

NexTReT invites you to the following technological breakfast on May 22th. Our experts will help you to discover what you need to understand of the Big Data universe and not die trying.

As well as, we will show you some cases of use and we will introduce some concepts about Hadoop, Spark, Map Reduce or Hive.

NexTReT wants to share its knowledge and experience. We can accompany your enterprise in any transformation process in which data is the centre. Furthermore, we will create the dreamed added value obtained from the best data analysis. We wait for you!



09:30h Introduction of the session

09:35h The origin and myths of Big Data

10:00h The grim reality: does it fix something?

10:20h Fall on your feet: when Big Data provides solutions

11:15h Dialogue with guests

12:00h End of the session


9:30 - 12:00 h

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NexTReT Madrid

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