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Public Cloud or private?


Do you want to go up to the Cloud, but you don't know where to start neither what is the best for your company? Sign up to the event that we will hold the next March 19 at the TecnoCampus! We will explain where the Cloud is lodged, the advantages of the public Cloud and the private one, the types of services and we will answer your questions. Also, we will visit our CPD, where a part of our Cloud is lodged.


10:00h Welcome

10:10h Cloud introduction; advantages and service types

10:45h Coffee break

11:00h Public Cloud, private Cloud and hybrid Cloud

11:40h Questions

12:00h Guided visit at the NexTReT's CPD

12:30h End of the session


10:00 - 12:30 h.

Date & Location


TecnoCampus de Mataró

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