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How can we improve the relationship with the client using government tools?


In order to demonstrate operatively and availability of your IT applications and systems, is necessary count on govern solutions which guarantees your company services. Proving that is a key part in the strategic planed context of the enterprises. The organizations need that their IT departments provides a fast, organized, proactive and automatized answer to the business process.

In this session we will present the government solutions platforms that NexTReT can offer you:

Freshdesk of Freshwork, provide a service solution, multi-channel support and incident manage to have traceability of the business activity.

OP5 offers a modern and transparent monitoring based on business indicators.

RPA of Helpsystems help your business to delete manual operation, reduce costs, prevent execution mistakes and speed up process and reduce the work load of the employees. 


10:00h Welcome and Presentation NexTReT

10:15h Managing customer satisfaction with Freshdesk​

11:00h Process automation and productivity improvement (Helpsystems)

11:15h Monitoring Solutions (OP5). 

11:30h Case of use and Q&A

12:00h End of session



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TecnoCampus de Mataró

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