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Government solutions


​In order to demonstrate operatively and availability of your IT applications and systems, is necessary count on govern solutions which guarantees your company services. Proving that is a key part in the strategic planed context of the enterprises. The organizations need that their IT departments provides a fast, organized, proactive and automatized answer to the business process.

In this session we will present the government solutions platforms that NexTReT can offer you:

  • Freshservice of Freshwork, provide a service solution, multi-channel support and incident manage to have traceability of the business activity.

  • OP5 offers a modern and transparent monitoring based on business indicators.

  • RPA of Helpsystems help your business to delete manual operation, reduce costs, prevent execution mistakes and speed up process and reduce the work load of the employees. 


09:45h Reception

10:00h Welcome and Presentation NexTReT

10:10h Case of use of a company in the automotive sector of Automation Solution (Helpsystems)

10:40h Monitoring Solutions (OP5)

11:10h Case of use in Service Solution Laboratories (Freshservice)

11:40h Request and questions

12:00h End of the session​


10:00 - 12:00 h.

Date & Location


NexTReT Barcelona

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