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How to defend ourselves from the cloud cyberattacks?

​Attacks on digital companies increase day by day and are becoming more sophisticated. This fact makes the fulfilment of RGPD more important and that tools like the antivirus and perimeter protection systems are more common. But these measures are not enough to keep us safe, because the attackers exploit our vulnerabilities when we are outside the perimeter of protection to harm us.

In addition to the traditional elements (firewall, antivirus, IDS...) That protect us when we are in our corporate networks, we must apply advanced tools, together with IA and Machine Learning, based on the cloud when we navigate from outside the networks Protected. The adoption of these measures cannot be optional when a digital transformation strategy is to be carried out.

It is not possible to solve the threats of today with yesterday's technology; companies have to rely on partners that will ensure suitable solutions for the situations and current risks. From NexTReT y as partner of reference of Zscaler, we offer you Zscaler Internet Access​.

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