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Automation of human resources processes


The most important value in a modern enterprise is people. In the business models of digital transformation, we realise that human resources is a department that sometimes is not considered ​with the importance that it requires.

In this technological breakfast we will explain how NexTReT offers solutions with Nintex Forms & Workflow in order to automate human resources processes as position opening, candidate selection, validation, following the ​worker incorporation's process  in the organization and their follow-up procedur​es, training and content managing, and extending to evaluation processes and goal determination.

  • Recruiting

  • On boarding

  • Evaluation and goal managing

  • Training

In which step​ is an application? Who is the person responsaible? Can I execute from any device?

The following 12th of July we will explain you by practical examples how to speed up this processes with Nintex; visibility of every flow phase​ of work, improves of answer times, easy design, quick and powerful (D&D); everything is a​ble for every type of user.

Verify yourself how you it can be more effective.



10:00 Welcome and presentation​

10:15 Nintex Forms

10:45 Nintex Workflow

11:00 Use cases: Practical examples of workflow solutions

11:45  Q&A​​​​​

12:00 End of the event


10:00 - 12:00 h

Date & Location


NexTReT Barcelona

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