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IntraNext: our intranet solution


Microsoft O365 and NexTReT facilitates the implementation of your intranet quickly and effectively:

  • Corporate Internal communication Space
  • O365 Sharepoint Implementation
  • 100% Cloud
  • Design adapted to mobile devices
  • Content migration​


Do you want to have an intranet solution quickly and improve corporate communication?

  • We facilitate collaboration and intuitive browsing
  • We ensure safe and fast access
  • We transmit the brand image
  • We focus the attention and resources on the content
  • We improve the communicative dynamics with videos and images​



10:00 Welcome and presentation

10:15 Intranet Objectives

10:45 Intranet in the cloud - Office 365 - SharePoint

11:00 M​ost common features

11:45 Case Studies (Microsoft SharePoint in the current market)

12:00 End of Session​​


10:00 - 12:00h

Date & Location


NexTReT Barcelona

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