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Blockchain for the logistical sector and transport


According to the main analysts, Blockchain is the technology that will have the greatest impact in the process of digital transformation of companies in the coming years. It will impact directly on both internal and external processes. ​​

Blockchain is usually related to the world of Cryptocoins​, but in reality it is a technology that allows to simplify business processes and reduce the complexity of the IT layer that supports it. 

Blockchain technology is applied transversally to all types of companies and especially to those that require solid and reliable processes of traceability of data or information security.​​


10:00     Reception and presentation

10:05     What is Blockchain?

10:20     Does my company need Blockchain?

11:30     What is the state of the art today?​

11:40     Blockchain as Service (BaaS) | Microsoft Azure

12:00     End of Session​


10:00 - 12:00 h

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NexTReT Madrid

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