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Private cloud: Maximum protection of your data


The cloud, which is emerging as the leader of the digital transformation, is already bringing advantages in performance, availability, and costs that directly affect the business, so that more companies decide to choose a secure and reliable Cloud service.

Our Datacenter Tier III, located in Mataró, will help you to create the required infrastructure to evolve your IT:

  • Virtual Private Datacenter (VPD), where Huawei will provide you a high performance and end to end technology;
  • NexTReT Cloud Log Management (NCLM) will assure you in the detection, prevention and analysis of incidents.

A 7x24 monitoring and operation service as Kubi Wireless (Eurona Wireless) is doing can help you to improve your business continuity.​


10:00 Welcome and register

10:10 Our Datacenter: Visit

10:40 Cloud: solutions and services for your success

11:30 NCLM: how to prevent cloud incidents with logs

12:00 End of session ​


10:00 - 12:00 h

Date & Location


TecnoCampus de Mataró

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