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A modern and private cloud on the horizon


In this session we will present you our cloud solution that will provide​ you a last generation infrastructure, the continuity of your business and a 24 x 7 specialist support. ​

From our Tier III datacenter in Mataró, we offer a V​​irtual Private Datacenter, powered by HUAWEI's high performance and end-to-end, that supported by  the NexTReT Cloud Log Management (NCLM), provides a safe environment that is prepared for the detection, prevention and analysis of incidents. ​​

Kubi Wireless (EuronaWireless)​ already has a monitoring and Operation service. Discover it now.


10:00 Welcome and register

10:10 DataCenter visit

10:40 Cloud Solutions and Explotation services

11:30 Management of logs in the cloud​

12:00 End of session​​​​ ​


10:00 - 12:00 h

Date & Location


Tecnocampus de Mataró

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