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Bots, Serverless and corporative aplications


The Bots service allows to establish a proactive communication channel with our users without the need to develop mobile applications or complex interfaces and open the door to the ​integration with Artificial Intelligence services, something that few years ago meant a​​ science fiction for most companies.​​

In this session we will explain you:

  • What value, as a complement to your internal processes, provide bots and chatbots to your company?​
  • What types of operations and bots can you create?​
  • What are the costs of the Serverless technology, supported by Azure Bot?​
  • How to get fast improvements in your processes with very low investment using Serverless with Azure Functions?
Next June 29th we invite you to learn about the services of Azure Bot and Azure F​​unctions and use cases in corporate environments.​​
As a Microsoft's gold partner in the Cloud Platform competition will show you how to take advantage of all the cloud's benefits. ​​



10:00 Reception and presentation

10:15 Microsoft Azure and its potential

10:30 Azure Bots and Azure Functions

11:30 Cases of use in corporate environments

12:00 End of session​



10:00 - 12:00 h

Date & Location


NexTReT Madrid

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