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A private Cloud solution available


The NexTReT Cloud solution, located in our DataCenter Tier III in Mataró, provides you a last generation infrastructure, the continuity of your business and a 24 x 7 specialist support that is capable of responding at any time.

Meet our CPD and find out the flexibility of different cloud solutions of NexTReT, such as Virtual Private Datacenter or Backup as a Service.

KubiWireless (Eurona Wireless) already benefits from a monitoring and operation service.


10:00 Welcome and register

10:10 DataCenter visit

10:40 Cloud Solutions

11:10 Explotation services

11:30 Q&A

12:00 End of session​​


10:00 - 12:00 h

Date & Location


Tecnocampus Mataró

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