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Process automation


​Manual processes or those ones paper-based are replaced with digital processes that combines old workflows with automated document generation and real-time traceable features.

What is the status of my petition? Who is the responsible for this task? Can be integrated with ERPs or CRMs? Can I run it from any device?

Real cases we will presented in order to show you how Nintex can help you to accelerate productive times:

  • Visibility of all workflow status
  • Better responsive times
  • Easy, fast and potent design tool (Drag & Drop)
  • Valid for any type of users

Check by yourself how can be more effective with Nintex Platform.



10:00     Welcome and presentation

10:15     Workflow automation solutions

10:30     Nintex: Features and advantages

11:15     Practical examples in webs and third party systems

11:45     Nintex Platform and roadmap

12:00     end of session


10:00 - 12:00h

Date & Location


NexTReT Barcelona

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