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It's time for a digital transformation

​Ronald Berger, president of the strategic consultancy with the same name, has carried out a study about the importance of the digital transformation in order to encourage Spain to advance in this field. He says that sectors who adapt to the change, will obtain benefits, well qualitative, better well-being of the workers, as quantitative, improving revenues and optimizing costs.

What is needed for digital transformation?

  1. Have digital information
  2. Process automation
  3. Connectivity
  4. Have digital access to the customer

Some examples of sectors which are bidding on the change are industry and pharmaceutic, both benefited from the automation processes. Industry is reducing the consumption of raw materials and energy because of the total interconnectivity of processes and the automation. 

If we go deeper to the pharmaceutical sector we discover Chiesi success case, where process automation in HR management allows them to increase the value of productivity and monitor in real time each of their processes. Another sector which has benefited from using digitalization is tourism, where the online solutions have become the leaders of the market as a result of change the business model, currently based on technological progress.

NexTReT knows how important is walk hand in hand with all the technological innovations. We help every customer to be up to date and adapt to the digital era where we are. We offer the solution that best adapt to the customer's needs and according to their digital maturity.

Join the challenge of digitization!

You can read the full report here


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