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Technologies to transform tasks in workflows


​The industrial world is constantly evolving and is bound to be more efficient day after day, either with new investigations or, with the launch of new products. However, it is necessary that all process will be subject to a strict control.


A workflow could involve different departments and make requests to other corporate systems in order to speed up processes and get improved productive times. Every Workflow technology responds to a particular need within their production environment: launch processes, product certifications, inventory control, etc.


This session will analyze Microsoft Flow and Nintex Workflow as a workflow tools, its advantages and disadvantages of its implementation, their differences and their performance in OnPremise or online installations.



10:00   Welcome and presentation

10:15   Workflows in a organization

10:30   Microsoft Flow vs. Nintex Workflow: Differences

11:15   Advantages and disadvantages of its implementation

12:00   End of session​​


10:00 - 12:00 h

Date & Location


NexTReT Madrid

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