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What service users are experiencing on your site or app?

​Your website or app is one of the main sources of attraction and loyalty of clients towards your company. A simple visit can generate new interest, a new purchase, repetition of them or increase customer loyalty with an excellent service.

Have you ever experienced what are your customers receiving​? There are different factors that can affect it: content, design, delivery, etc. The first issue for a correct evaluation is to confirm that your website, ecommerce website or app are always available (at maximum speed) for your customers.

The high availability and low response times are the key ​ main indexes that allows you be conscient  of your application's status . To evaluate them from an objective point of view, we have developed a solution that allows monitoring web or mobile applications through the technology of synthetic transactions and with real devices (web browsers and mobile access terminals).  We automate complex, fixed or transactional navigations that end users do, to know the quality of service offered. Thanks to real-time dashboards and alarms that you yourself can predefine, will prevent degradations and falls of its service and will ensure peak performance.

​Whether your portal a critical source of income, support high volumes of visitors or want to prevent possible degradations in service, contact us and we will send a free trial to show how ISM and MASM tools can help ensure the experience of its users.​​


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