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10 indispensable that must have its Intranet

One of our beliefs is that all intranets can be a collaborating center if there are tools and features that make it possible. The intranet allows a company to share information and knowledge of the organization with its employees, but also their employees must be able to communicate with the company and between them, thus establishing lasting links and to interactions over time.

Our expertise in commissioning of Intranets has been supported since its inception by the expertise in Microsoft SharePoint technology in this case. Thanks to its communication platform and content management, we have provided employee portals, teamwork and effective communications that help to increase productivity and employee involvement in corporate project, totally regardless of location.

Though there is no single solution for Intranet, the needs of each company are different in some cases but in others are coincident. Our technological knowledge and your organizational and functional knowledge will enable its Intranet evolve towards new market requirements, always guaranteeing a safe access centralized, easy to use and coherent information.

If you want to know the detail and practice of each of these features, application, contact us and we will present it personally.​​

We want to extend the most demanded functionalities which allow our customers to improve their relationship with their employees and make their internal processes more efficient.

​Indispensable functionalities

  1. Access to My Apps
  2. Corporate documents (templates, guidelines, regulations and manuals, ...)
  3. Calendars guards
  4. Who is Who / interactive Organizational Chart
  5. Forum Buy-Sell between employees
  6. ​​News and corporate agenda
  7. Holiday request and expense
  8. Searching for documents, multimedia or persons
  9. Management of incidents
  10. We celebrate your Birthday

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