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NexTReT has a new partner!

​NexTReT has become a new technology partner of NetApp, the manufacturer of storage solutions. The agreement between the two companies was signed this summer.

NetApp is a manufacturer of integrated storage solutions that help companies to get the maximum benefits of virtualization, cloud and storage efficiency in order to improve profitability, agility and performance of its customers. Their solutions based on Flash technology help businesses in their digital transformation projects, which nowadays is essential for being within the market.

​​The aim is to unite our experience and expertise with NetApp technology, in order to improve our Datacentre services: from the supply of hardw​are, such as NetApp storage, server virtualization or even the complete management of your datacentre or 24x7 monitoring. We want our services meet quality standards on the daily basis.

We started this agreement with a lot of motivation and plans for the future.​

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