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Workflows for Microsoft: Comparison between technologies


Currently there are different ways of processing work and information handled in a company. The workflow options are not identical for everyone, but respond to specific events and projects according to the needs of the company. The implementation and deployment of solutions depends on the product that applies in this case will be analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of these solutions:​

  1. SharePoint Designer

  2. Microsoft flow

  3. Nintex

In this session, we look at its possibilities and its scope, as not all apply equally, not function identically OnPremise or Online installations. Furthermore we analyze the various steps in the process as well as its architecture and design flows, which allow you to access information quickly and easily, facilitating the work and saving costs.


10:00   Welcome and presentation

10:15   Overview: Workflow for the company

10:30 Comparison between technologies: SharePoint Designer, Microsoft Flow and Nintex

11:15   Advantages and disadvantages of its implementation

12:00   End of session​


10:00 - 12:00 h

Date & Location


NexTReT Madrid

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