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Your Intranet as a process operating centre

One of our beliefs is that all the intranet can be a centre of collaboration 2.0. if there are tools and features that make it possible.

An intranet or employee portal should allow to share the information and knowledge of the organization with its employees, to facilitate communication between employee and company, to participate in project's spaces, to carry out administrative processes, or even more, to have a corporate social network where their own workers have a possibility to interact with each other from anywhere. 

Our expertise in conducting Intranets has been supported by work from the beta versions of the technology, Microsoft SharePoint in this case. Thanks to its communication and content management platform, we provide an employee portal with effective communication, which helps to increase the employees' productivity. However, it is not enough to be satisfied just with a good communication. If we increase the functionality and task automation, we give our users an added value in saving their productive time and unnecessary expenditure of resources.

With the further implementation of Nintex and SharePoint technology, we offer an additional plus to facilitate process automation and forms’ design. Each department will be able to design their automated workflows

​​​​A clear example of its use is in the Administration area, where a user generates a request for expenses, his responsible approves it and afterwards is sent directly to the accounting system. In the case of Human Resources, its functionality can be applied in different areas: from just upload medical certificate to the intranet, where Human Resources receive and communicate it to the competent body in the prescribed period or an a performance evaluation, where an employee fills in the tracking form, afterwards his responsible completes it and later on they decide about the objectives and the next steps that need to be taken. In Business Development area, where various tasks, steps and people are involved in new products homologation, all the details are curiously established, and everybody are informed at all times what is the state of it. The correct implementation and process management may even be applied for external users as in the case of Marketing, in which their requests of catering are received directly by their provider.​

Turn your Intranet into an effective tool for sharing the information and streamline work processes. If you want to use all the benefits it can provide, contact us here and we will explain you all the features that can evolve your company into a platform 3.0. ​

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