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Keys to success for the implementation of W10

A year after the release of Windows 10, the operating system already forms a part of many corporations thanks to its high performance in productivity, improved user experience with Microsoft Edge and all its applications, and security, with easy administration and without a large investment in TI.

As a Gold Partner of Microsoft and with our experience implementing Windows 10 in different environments, we have seen that technical knowledge is only a part of the execution.

For successful implementation, we have to consider a number of key points. We have recently done a Windows 10 deployment in an automotive company, in order to modernize its existing IT resources. Our experience convinced them to start the process with an extensive, detailed and methodical pilot referred to the environmental homologation, and obviously counting with the participation of different teams of managers of the company as well as the different service providers. The pilot has been thorough, having evaluated, documented and corrected all system and application processes in participants' computers. Thanks to their collaboration, now our customer knows their capacity to migrate the IT park and is aware of the operational changes that must follow to migrate to the new Windows operating system with minimal effort and minimal impact

The transformation of the workplace is constantly evolving, and we want our customers to enjoy the latest technology trends and facilities. If you are still not convinced that implementation of Windows 10 may be beneficial for your company, we offer you the possibility to make a proof of the concept, in which a deployment environment will be prepared and configured for 2 Windows 10 gold master with applications as well as one client application. Afterwards, the gold master will be deployed in a controlled environment of 15-20 Pc's.​

​Start preparing for the future now. If you want us to help, contact us here.​ 

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