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Automate the control accesses to your information

​Day after day we have more applications, systems and devices that leave behind hundreds of logs that are in apparent limbo because they are neither consulted, nor processed and their management can be confusing and complicated. But we need to bear in mind that without these data we might lose all the value that their analytics could provide us. Without the storage of these data disappears the possibility of any type of forensic analysis or compliance.

Analysis and storage of logs is a service that is part of the "Security Information and Event Management" (SIEM) which combines information management (Security Information Management - SIM) with event management security (Security Event Management - SEM). These solutions provide real-time analysis of security alerts that are generated by hardware and also by network applications. In this way they ensure the protection of the information and provide a detailed traceability of the accesses to it.

NexTReT Cloud Log Management (NCLM) provides a system that is automated and highly efficient in cost for the collection, storage and analysis of the information contained in the logs (machine data) applications, servers and various network equipment.

We are aware of the importance that they have in business nowadays that we are facing a fast  development and high competition, so we have developed an automated solution for their storage and processing with obtaining dashboards for analysis. 

Some of the applications are:​

  • Compliance (SOX, etc.).
  • Intelligence network for the detection of advanced threats or information theft.
  • Real and forensic analysis of what is happening on your network devices and servers

The advanced detection of the incidents, improved efficiency of their incident management processes, reduced cost of forensic analysis in terms of infrastructure and storage or operational convergence between different departments of IT operations, are some of the benefits that some of our customers have already been taking advantage off.

Layer 8 area, as specialists in SIEM solutions, and partner of the major manufacturers, will provide the tools that ensure the proper use of your sensitive information, its prevention against unauthorized access and are tailored to your needs and architecture.

If you want more information about the solution, or a personal visit contact us here.

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