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Microsoft cloud solutions have been certified in the Spanish security legislation

First global cloud provider that complies with regulations security and privacy, established by the Spanish Public Administration, through its cloud solutions like Azure and Office 365, to provide for their partners and clients of legal guarantees.The uncertainly around Cloud security had been a brake in the progress of digital transformation in a wide number of companies.

Microsoft has allocated more than one billion euros per year in developing security technology primarily intended to cloud computing. In April 2015, Microsoft started cooperation beside the Public Administration to adapt their cloud services to a high level of security, achieving recognition and certification from the National Security Scheme Spanish (ENS) and in accordance with the requirements of Royal Decree 3 / 2010 of January 8, established by the State. ENS objective is create trusty conditions with users to promote electronical users use. In order to achieve them, ENS define rules to guarantee security in all systems, data, communications and electronical services.

Currently, Microsoft is consolidated as the pioneer and unique global provider of cloud with an express authorization from the Spanish Data Protection Agency. According to Hector Sanchez, Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Iberia, “not all suppliers are equal in terms of security, trust and transparency”. That is, not all manufacturers of cloud services can provide such values of trust and adds that are taken “very seriously security”.

NexTReT certified in ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 Management Systems Information Security since 2010 and as a Gold Partner in Cloud solutions responds to the needs of increasing productivity with Office 365 and hosting in the cloud with Azure to customers increase efficiency and devote its resources to core business.

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