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Manage your projects well with Microsoft Project


​Today it is necessary to adapt the technology to the evolution of culture, processes, solutions and even the structure of information and enterprise resource management. If this development must be sustainable and homogeneous throughout the company, it is necessary to stablish the right tools over the ones new quality management models will grow up.

Optimize Project Portfolio Management towards a uniform and efficient model that ensures quality, unity and availability of information is possible with the Microsoft suite, considering that users, internal or external, might collaborate and follow the scope of their tasks and documents; Project managers could track and detect accurately gaps from programs and projects; and the directors will have scorecards to evaluate the final ROI.

Some of the features most applied are:

  • Creating Projects associated Reports and portfolio.
  • Control panel State Project Portfolio.
  • Integrations between MS EPM and Power View / SQL Report Builder for implement specific processes.
  • Resource task management from a single location.
  • Capacity portfolio analysis (alignment with objectives, risk matrix, cost-benefit analysis).



10:00 Welcome and presentation

10:15 Microsoft Project Server: Capabilities and characteristics

11:30 Real application cases

12:00 End of session


10:00 - 12:00 h

Date & Location


NexTReT Madrid

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