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¿Have you heard about Docker?


Dockers or containers are spaces where you will be able to execute an application without necessity to use an external repository. It is an isolated application platform to deploy in any machine without having importance in operative system.

This type of containers could be profitable to developers, testers, system administrators and others in your company. This is a perfect solution to make swift and simple test environments. In addition, you will reduce the infrastructure costs of your business because you will be able to reduce number of required machines o maintenance an environment.

In this seminar, we will explain you the characteristics of this type of solutions, its functionalities and how use it to achieve the maximum performance.



10:00     Welcome and presentation

10:15     ¿What are dockers or containers?

             - Installation and Integration

             - Advantages to work with Dockers

             - Components and tools of Dockers

11:00     Docker-Machine vs Docker Compose

11:30     ¿Why use it on Huawei infrastructure?

12:00     End of seminar


10:00 - 12:00 h

Date & Location


NexTReT Barcelona

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