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Nagios vs Centreon: ¿Which one is the best option?


Monitoring of your apps and IT systems allows you demonstrate the operability and availability of your systems. The opensource tools allow you to keep service alerts, but ¿which tool fits better in my business? ¿Nagios or Centreon?

Nagios is a monitoring system of opensource networks that allows you monitor your systems and critical services in your infrastructure by creating alerts when the performance is not the desired one. It suits well when we monitor network services, servers, switches, applications or we want to prevent future issues. In other way, Centreon, is an opensource monitoring software based in Nagios to improve and adapt to user requirements with rewriting code and integration through some modules and complements.

In this seminar, main differences will be explained by a real demonstration, key points and tool's strengths will be exposed and KPI's and insights will determinate the tool you have to bet on.



10:00   Welcome and presentation

10:15   Nagios vs Centreon: characteristics and requirements

10:45   KPIs and dashboards

11:00   Real Demo

11:30   Success Stories

11:45   Questions

12:00   End of seminar


10:00 - 12:00 h

Date & Location


NexTReT Barcelona

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